Onyvu, the algerian professionals platform

About us

About us

Onyvu.com is an electronic (digital) platform that puts sophisticated tools in place to create, in a matter of minutes, a modern and fully administrable website, without having any technical knowledge in the field. This is a new concept developed by a group of engineers from the Webéno Agency company that saves a lot of time and a very low realization cost.

It is equipped with an ergonomic and user-friendly graphic interface allowing a quick start of its functionalities, and a customizable, fluid and 'responsive' design, adapting to the terminals likely to be used by its customers and prospects: computers, phones, tablets ...

A varied range of modules, interactive and multilingual are developed and regularly updated to meet the needs and requirements of professionals, whatever their field of activity and size:

Products - Services - Jobs - Announcements - Training - Partners - Clients - News - Events - Achievements - Photos - Videos - About - Contacts ...

Several other features are integrated: a geolocation map, social networks, a natural referencing tool to promote the website with search engines, as well as the directory of all listed entities that can serve as a means of prospecting. and sourcing.

The resulting website is a multimedia tool that can help in corporate communication to promote its company, develop its brand image and gain visibility, as well as in the commercial communication (marketing) that aims to sell its products. products and services.

The Onyvu platform is dedicated to Algerian professionals; its main objective is to bring together a maximum number of Algerian companies within it to offer them optimal visibility allowing potential customers to have opportunities to see and buy.

Slogan: Visibility and everything you need.

The advantages of the ONYVU platform

  • Have a professional website

    Have a professional website

    Dynamic, modern, and fully manageable, whatever your activity
  • Customizable graphical interface

    Customizable graphical interface

    A template to adapt to the visual identity of your company in a few clicks
  • A varied palette of modules

    A varied palette of modules

    Complete, interactive and regularly updated plugins
  • Adaptive Design (responsive)

    Adaptive Design (responsive)

    Correct display on computers, tablets and phones
  • Unlimited multimedia storage space

    Unlimited multimedia storage space

    Build your website with rich and varied content, without worrying about the space occupied
  • Several languages available

    Several languages available

    Depending on your target, the website can be in both French, Arabic and English
  • Ergonomic management interface

    Ergonomic management interface

    Private, user-friendly and secure part to manage your website easily and independently
  • Instant chat with your customers

    Instant chat with your customers

    A tool integrated into your website to exchange views with your visitors in real time
  • Increased visibility and popularity

    Increased visibility and popularity

    Natural referencing and online promotion thanks to integrated tools
  • Forming and technical assistance

    Forming and technical assistance

    Quick start and permanent help by phone or email
  • The price of the subscription is very affordable

    The price of the subscription is very affordable

    The price is within the reach of all, whatever the financial means of your company
  • Relatively short achievement time

    Relatively short achievement time

    Your website is up and running a few minutes after receiving your payment

The modules of the ONYVU platform

  • Home Page
    Home Page
  • Subsidiaries
  • Company
  • Products
  • Services
  • Books
  • Realisations
  • Formations
  • Ads
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • News
  • Partners
  • Clients
  • Events
  • Contacts

Available languages

  • fr
  • ar
  • en

The technologies used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • Photoshop
  • Javascript
  • Flash animation